Death Collective: Commemorative Poster from a Queens Museum of Art Exhibit

Designed by the instillation artists, this black-on-black silkscreen poster functioned as a limited edition, take-away print that celebrated the opening of the Death Collective’s installation at the Queens Museum of Art. The prints were numbered and signed, but also made to be taken home by visitors of the show. If there was ever an argument for the beauty of the reproductive print, it would be in the opportunity that Reservoir Press had here to make museum goers feel like they could take a piece of the museum home with them. It celebrates both the value inherent in a work of art, and the culture of sharing that is permitted when you can make enough for people to share intimately in that experience. This print was about breaking down the authoritative “look, but don’t touch” atmosphere of the museum space. This print was about granting greater access to art. This print was about why I print.